Some of the Best Grenade spots dust 2 in 2021

Are you a CS Go player and want to enhance your gaming? Well, if yes then some of the best grenade spots dust 2 will help you a lot. Grenades are one of the most effective weapons which provide huge damage to the enemies.

So, the player uses grenades and smokes to provide extra effect to their enemies. Well, the effect of grenade or smoke will be more if you’re using best grenade spots dust 2 or Best smoke spots dust 2. So, let’s discuss some of the tricks and spots in CS GO: best Grenade spots dust 2 and best smoke spots dust 2.

Some of the best Grenade spots dust 2 in 2021?

So, if you want to be a “War-Owl” of the battle then the below discussed CS go grenade spots will help you a lot:-


T-Spawn is one of the most recognized places where you can provide heavy damage to the opposition team. This is the place where the terrorist team can make a strong bond. It attains a huge wall and strong gate which can’t be captured easily. Well, this dust 2 spot is here to cover because it is a huge wall which makes it difficult to throw a grenade.

You just have to pick up the smoke/Grenade and make a high view angle that crosses the gate and throws the grenade. This will give high damage to the terrorist and you can easily capture base A.

How to smoke XBox from T-Spawn

Some Xbox is the 2nd most popular type of arena d which is used in Dust 2. This provides a huge coverage area on the map which can be easily covered by the smoke. The player will have to reach every corner at the classic view and after that, the player can line up the right corner with the smoke Xbox grenade.

The Skylight

This grenade spots dust 2 smoke spot is not very useful but using these Dust 2 spots will become helpful to cover the enemies who’re following you to kill. This spot appears when you enter the gate and proceed to the exit gate. Here, you have to pick up a grenade or smoke and launch it approx 80° high and assure to continue walking with jumps to avoid gunshots.


The cross is one of the most challenging dust 2 smoke spots because it attains a wide area to cover which can’t be covered easily by a single smoke. So, when you get control of Base A and want to cover The Cross area, make sure to throw the smoke in the walking condition and maintain a height that crosses the corner house of the road. Through the smoke and you’ll get the most covered area from just a smoke.

New Car

This Dust 2 spot becomes more popular as a Best grenade spots dust 2 and Best Smoke spots dust 2 in CS: Go. The player just has to throw a Molotov at the walking condition with the maintaining of 45° angle so that the Molotov will land near the car and provide the fire damage to the enemies.

Rush B

This is one of the most effective places to eliminate the enemies in  2. Here you have to place a grenade in the entrance which is covered by 2 big size pillars. Here, you can target the maximum damage to the enemies because the place doesn’t attain a huge area.

Not only this, but this location is also very effective to use a stun grenade to make everyone blind.

Smoke CT

Smoke CT is one of the most popular so it has 2 dust spots. This spit will help the player to kill the enemies quickly. The smoke CT generates an ideal scenario so that the enemies will get confused and you’ll get the proper angle to place gunshots on him.

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So, here we discussed the best grenade spots dust 2 and best grenade spots dust 2 places in CS: So. I hope that the above information will be helpful for you. So, use these places for grenades and smokes and be a “War-Owl” for the opponents.


What is grenade spots dust 2 in real?

In reality, grenade spots dust 2 is a designed map inspired by the environment of Morocco.

What makes grenade spots dust 2 a good map?

Dust 2 has a very simple map where all the functions are clearly mentioned, making grenade spots dust a good map.

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