15 Best And Free Voice Changer For Discord in 2021

Are you looking for the best voice changer for discord and got stuck after comparing so many options? Well, if yes then you’re at the right place. Here, we’re going to discuss Top 15 voice changers for the discord. All the platforms which we consider in our discussion are fully genuine and top-rated. So, without wasting any time let’s get started.

Voice Changer Plus App

Source; Apple app store

This application is the best voice changer platform over the internet. You can also record your voice with just one tap. Users can easily change the type of voice and can listen to the recording in different voices. This platform also serves you with trim recording features so that you can easily edit your recording. It is only available for IOS users so Android users cant use it.

Pros of Voice Changer Plus app

  • It provides multiple free voice changing options.
  • It is totally safe.
  • It is totally free.

Cons of Voice Changer Plus app

  • It is not compatible with android

Voicemod- discord voice changer

The compatibility of this app is its main highlight. You can easily use it on PC, Windows, Android devices as well as iOS devices. It provides excellent voice-changing quality in recordings. Users. can also load the sound into MP3 and WAV. It is an easy-to-use application that attains a handy interface. It sounds very much natural than other apps or software in this list.

Not only for discord but you can also use Voicemod for other services including Skype, PUBG, Mumble, Google Chat, etc. Some of the voice-changing options available in this app are cave, cathedral, possessed, kong, etc. There are hundreds of such voice-changing options in voicemod you can easily choose any one of them. Now let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of Voicemod.

Pros of Voicemod

  • Hundreds of voice changing options are available in voicemod.
  • Voicemod sounds more natural as compared to other apps.
  • It works with many other applications as well excluding Discord.
  • You can use it freely. Apart from that in app purchases are also available with voicemod.

Cons of Voicemod

  • It works in windows only.
  • Some of its effects are not working properly.
  • Its interface is little bit outdated.

Voice Changer.io

This platform is one of the best voice changer applications online. It supports the only online platforms and provides excellent voice-changing services to the users. Users can easily change the voices for preloaded recording or can also upload their voices in a hard drive. Voice changer is one of the best online supporting voice changing platforms with the availability of numerous voices. Now let’s briefly talk about some of the pros and cons of Voice changer

Pros of Voice changer.io

  • It has an excellent voice changing services.
  • It also has a microphone option to record or upload a video.
  • It has a couple of unique voice changing options.

Cons of Voicechanger.io

  • Requires a microphone for best usage.

Voice changer with effects

If you’re an Android user and looking for the best voice changer for discord then this can be your ideal choice. You can easily change your voice in more than 40 different voices. Users can also send their output on WhatsApp and email. Not only this, but Users are also able to create a voice with an image or simple text.  Now let’s briefly talk about some of the pros and cons of Voice changer with effects.

Pros of Voice changer with effects

  • It has a huge collection of 35 voice changing effects which you can use.
  • You can even share your voice changes on social media.
  • It is very effective.

Cons of Voice changer with effects

  • Its interface is very confusing.
  • It is not that easy to use.

Best Voice Changer Free

Source: Google Play store

This is another best Voice changer platform for Android users. You can easily record your voice and select the audio file which you want to change. Users can easily share their voice changer for discord files on Whatsapp, Emails, and Facebook. Users can easily choose the ideal voice accordingly. So, if you are searching for a good voice changer for Discord, this could be the one.

MorphVOX- Best voice changer for Discord

If you’re looking for the best voice changer app for Mac and Windows then here it is. This application is a highly recommended voice changer application that provides excellent voice changing services to its users. It attains inbuilt voice effects and settings to serve better. Users can also customize their settings accordingly. It doesn’t support Android and iOS devices, so if you’re looking for a voice changer for discord for your smartphones then this app is not for you. This app has both a free version as well as a paid version. You can even create your own custom voice in MorphVOX. It is probably one of the best voice changer for Discord. So, now let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of MorphVOX.

Pros of MorphVOX

  • Both free and paid versions available.
  • Works well with most online games.
  • You can create your own voice in MorphVOX.
  • It uses low CPU and bandwidth.

Cons of MorphVOX

  • The paid version of MorphVOX is very expensive.
  • Very complicated interface.
  • It’s not that easy to use MorphVOX

Voice Changer

Source: Google Play Store

Voice changer is an Android-based application that provides high-quality voice changing services to android users. With the use of this platform, you can easily customize the saved files. You’ll get tonnes of sound varieties so that you’ll get your ideal voice accordingly.

Features of Voice Changer

  • Voice Changer supports numerous voice effects.
  • You can also change voices in a pre recorded audio file as well.

RoboVox Voice Changer

Source: Google Play store

This application is one of the most feature-loaded voice changers for discord. This device will only be accessible through Android devices. You can easily record your voice performance from easy customization accordingly. There are 32 voice-changing options on RoboVox which you can use and enjoy. The recordings made with this app are shareable as well and you can share them also through your email. The interface of this application is lenient and easily accessible. You can easily download it from the Google Play store. 

Pros of RoboVox Voice Changer

  • It works perfectly with online games and streamable programs.
  • It is one of the best voice changer.
  • Great voice changer for Skype, Discord, etc.

Cons of RoboVox Voice changer

  • An external microphone is required for better results.
  • Its paid version is little bit expensive.

Skype Voice Changer

This application is designed for Windows and ranked as one of the best Voice changers for discord. You can also record the conversations through Skype Voice Changer. With the use of this application, you can easily replay a preloaded recorded voice. Android users and iOS users can’t access this application because it is only available for windows.

Pros of Skype voice changer

  • Skype saves conversations and pre recorded sounds for future uses.
  • It is very easy to use and you can easily change your voice in it.

Cons of Skype voice changer

  • It is not available for Android users and ios users.
  • It has a very small collection of video changing options.

Voxal Voice Changer

Source: NchSoftware

Whether you’re going to stream gaming or ready to narrate podcasts, Voxal Voice changer will improve the quality of your voice. This application is filled with plenty of voice varieties to get their ideal voice changer for discord. Apart from discord Voxal voice changer also works properly with programs. The interface of this application is easy to understand and easy to use. It has got thousands of voice-changing options which you can choose from.

Pros of Voxal Voice changer

  • You can even create voices for characters and audiobooks in Voxal Voice changer.
  • Both free and paid versions are available.
  • It provides low system resource usage.
  • It has got extensive vocal effects library.

Cons of Voxal Voice changer

  • Its installation is a bit complicated.
  • The free version has limited voice-manipulation tools.
  • Some sound effects of Voxal Voice changer are very similar to one another.

All-in-One Voice Changer

Source: All in one voice changer

You can easily test the different voice settings in this application. This application only supports working in Windows. It also attains an additional indicator that helps you to decide the type of voice which you want. Users can easily listen to their recordings without exporting the file.

Pros of All-in-One Voice Changer

  • It is very easy to use and has a good user interface.
  • It also conduct calls using changed voices.

Cons of All-in-One Voice Changer

  • It has a very limited functionality
  • It can be easily misused by some bad minded peoples.


Super voice changer is one of the most featured loaded voice changers for discord over online.  The services of this application are only accessible on Windows. Users can easily activate the voice-changing features in this application while talking to someone. This will automatically change your voice.

Pros of SuperVoiceChanger

  • It is very easy to use.
  • It has sound effects which are very awesome and it can be use by anyone.
  • It has a very simple interface.
  • It works properly with mobile phone simulator.

Cons of SuperVoiceChanger

  • It has got limited features.
  • It doesn’t work properly with online games.
  • It could be little bit tricky to install Super voice changer.

Clownfish Voice Changer

This platform comes with the availability of 32bit and 64-bit versions and is designed to provide superb voice-changing effects for discord. Users of this platform can experience Male pitch, Silence, Robot, and Radio as their supported effects. It attains a built-in sound player which enhances the sound quality.

It does not provide many voice mods such as Voicemod but yes it has some of the voice changing options which could be enough for you to use in discord. The best thing about clownfish is that it is pretty easy to use Clownfish and also it is also very compatible with windows. And according to me, it is the best free voice changer for discord.  So, now let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of Clownfish Voice Changer.

Pros of Clownfish Voice changer

  • It is very easy to use Clownfish.
  • It is a free voice changer.
  • It has a good collection of effects.
  • Clownfish works with several apps like Mumble, Skype, Google chat, etc.

Cons of Clownfish Voice changer

  • The interface is easy but old fashioned.
  • Some of its users have complained about lagging problem in Clownfish.

MasqVox Voice Changer

MasqVox Voice Changer is another Windows-supported application that attains excellent voice-changing effects. The interface of this application is very effective and easy to understand. It also has tons of voice-changing options which you can use.

Voice Changer Voice Recorder – super voice editor

At last, we’re discussing a mobile-based voice changer app that only supports Android devices’ performance. This application serves you to change your voice during phone calls and messages. You can also use it while singing. It attains plenty of different effects so that you’ll get your ideal one easily.

Final words

Finally, we have discussed all the best 15 voice changers for discord. All the applications are highly rated and fully certified so don’t worry about security. If you want to download one of them then you can easily download it from the link provided below every platform. Now, just go and download your ideal voice changing for the discord app now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best voice changer for the discord?

According to my, Voicemod is the best voice changer for Discord you can use it and have a good Voice changing experience.

Why use Voice Changers for Discord?

A voice changer is used to change our voices in a way that they become unrecognizable. People mostly use voice changers in Discord to have fun with their friends.

Are voice changers safe?

It depends; if you are using some cracked versions or have downloaded it from unofficial platforms then no one can assure you about its safeness. But if you have downloaded the Voice changers through official platforms them there’re fewer chances that you will be attacked by some viruses.

Are Voice Changers Illegal?

Using Voice changers for fun purposes and just for entertainment are legal. However, making use of a voice changer to commit crimes is NOT legal.

Is Voicemod Safe?

Voicemod is totally safe but some of the sites have claimed it to be harmful. Reddit has officially cleared it that Voicemod won’t harm, you if you use it for good purposes and if you have downloaded it from a legit platform.

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