Is Dayz a Cross-Platform? Know the answer in 2021?

Is Dayz a Cross-Platform

Dayz is one of the popular video games developed by bohemia interactive. The game was released in December 2018 on different platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. If you want to know the answer to “Is Dayz a cross-platform” then please read full of the article.

What is Dayz?

Dayz has over 6.4 million active users across different platforms. UnlikeFortnite, PUBG, and other games it is not available in the cross-platform until 2020.

Dayz is one of the most popular games of bohemia interactive due to its large user base and appealing game environment. Currently, there were lots of concerns regarding the game and many users are asking if days a cross-platform. Until 2020 it is not available in cross-platform but there was some player that we’re asking is Dayz a cross-platform or not.

There are many fans that wish to play with the PC user but unfortunately, there is no such feature for this. There are lots of similar games that can be played on every platform. Unfortunately, Dayz is limited only to the console. So, today in this article we will try to clear all your doubts and answer all your questions regarding the game.

What exactly is cross-platform?

Most of the players might be wondering what exactly is cross-platform. Well, cross-platform refers to those software games or products which can be interacted from any platform or any device. In short, a game in which players from different platforms can play together. Dayz is not cross-platform because PC players cannot play with the console one.

Being such a large game is still not available in the cross-platform until 2020. It is because the game was available in early access in 2012 but it was officially released in 2015. So, at that time cross-platform games were very rare as consoles were not that effective enough to support internet gaming.

Will Dayz be cross-platform?

Until now there is no official news from the developer regarding the Cross-platform update in the game. However, looking at the player intent the developer can bring huge updates in the future. In these days most of the game comes with cross-platform and also gaining huge popularity in the market as well.

So, in the future, we could see the game being available to play from every platform. We can’t say the game is not cross-platform as you can play with any user from the same console device. But, the only downside is that you can’t play together if the user has two separate console devices.

In simple if you are a PlayStation user then you can play with any player that uses PlayStation 4 or 5. Similarly, if you are an X box player then you can play with any users that use Xbox Series X or Xbox One. You can play with X box users if you are using PlayStation.

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Features of Dayz

Dayz is a multiplayer survival game where you can interact with players from the same console or device. There are lots of amazing features on the games that make them very much appealing among players. Here are some of the popular features of the games:

  1. Multi player
  2. Multi map
  3. Multiple modes
  4. Skin
  5. Multiple character

These are some of the popular features of the game. Besides this, there are lots of such amazing things to enjoy in the game. Dayz offers different maps where players can play games with their friends. This will give you different tastes on different maps as you will experience a different environment.

Similarly, there are multiple characters that you can choose while playing the game. Though, you can’t get them for free as you need to purchase them with game currency. The game comes with various types of control which you can also customize while playing games.


Dayz is not cross-platform as players from different consoles or devices can’t play together. Even today it is not a cross-platform and the company hasn’t told anything about cross-platform. But, in the future, the developer can come with big changes allowing console and PC players to play the game together.

I hope that the article has cleared all your doubt regarding the game, especially Cross-platform features. Besides this, it is the best survival video that everyone needs to play.


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