Is ZEDGE Harmful? Should we use it in 2021?

ZEDGE app is one of the popular third-party ringtone and wallpaper optimization apps for mobile devices. Earlier the app was taken down from Playstore due to some reason. That’s why so many users were confused and raising questions like “Is Zedge harmful” or not.

The particular reason behind the takedown of the app is still unknown to many users. ZEDGE app was downloaded for more than 35 million users all across the world. Similarly, it has tons of ringtone and wallpaper libraries on its platform. It has the most significant resources of wallpaper and the ringtone.

But, after the takedown, there are no updates on the App till 2020 which had left many users with no answer. But, now the app has started its service from the store. However, there are many people who still believe that this app still poses a security threat. So, today in this article we are going to discuss why the ZEDGE app was taken down from the Playstore.

Things you need to know about the ZEDGE

ZEDGE is one of the popular Ringtone, Wallpaper, and sticker platforms with millions of libraries on it. Here you can find any kind of wallpaper, ringtone, and sticker. Similarly, it has over 35 million downloads and has 4.1 ratings in the Playstore.

There are very few options in our phone for wallpaper and ringtone to choose from. That’s why many people go for third-party websites to get ringtone and wallpaper of their choice. But, after the ZEDGE app has been taken from the Playstore there are no updates and support for the app.

Many people claim that there were security concerns over the application due to which it was a takedown from the Playstore. But, I won’t agree with this fact as the app was only accessing storage and phone address book permission. So, there should not be a security issue by accessing these two data from the user.

Why ZEDGE app was removed from Playstore?

The exact reason behind the takedown was unknown to many users. Similarly, the official page of ZEDGE on Twitter has replied to one of the users named @Spid3r_Cop. Saying that the app was taken down due to a bug found on the application. This is why the app was taken down from the Playstore. After the 9 months of this tweet, the app has resumed its services officially on Playstore.

I don’t think this application poses any security threat to the user as the app was taken down due to a bug. But, now they have resumed their services officially on the Playstore. Now, you can access their services officially from the Playstore. Google play store change its policy from time to time to make Playstore safe better place for malware and bug. So, it’s common to see such takedown of the app from Playstore.

Features of ZEDGE app

As we have talked many more things about the application now let’s look into the features of the ZEDGE app. ZEDGE app is available in both of the platforms Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. Similarly, the app also has premium plans where you can access premium wallpaper and ringtones for your phones. Here are some of the popular features of the ZEDGE app:

  1. 4K and HD wallpaper
  2. Live wallpaper
  3. Ringtones
  4. Alarm and Notification sounds
  5. Theme

These are some of the popular features of the ZEDGE application. Among thousands of Wallpaper and ringtones, you can choose any one of them and apply it to your device. If you want to access more premium library then you can also purchase their premium plans.

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ZEDGE app is not harmful to any of the devices. But, a year ago it was for which it was also taken down from the Playstore. Now, it’s 2021 the application has resumed its services and brings updates time and time. So, I don’t think it pose threat to user security and privacy. If it was then they won’t be able to resume. So, now don’t need to ask the question is zedge harmful to anyone because you got the answer.

Similarly, Google also won’t allow its places to such app that pose a security threat to the user. I hope that this article has made everything clear about your question including ZEDGE harmful and so on.


Is Zedge app banned in India?

Yes, due to some issues with its servers Zedge app has been currently banned in India maybe it could come back in the future.

What does Zedge do?

Zedge provides certain features to android users like access to ringtones, Free wallpapers, Icons, etc. You can use its features if only you are an android user.

Is Zedge Copyright free?

Not all of them are copyright free but yes you will also be getting access to some other copyright-free images.

Are free ringtones safe to download?

It depends on the sites. There are some sites that are not relevant and if you download something from them then it may harm your device. But if you have downloaded it from relevant sites then it’s totally safe.

Why does Zedge need access to my photos?

Zedge needs some path where it can save the wallpapers and ringtones so due to that reason Zedge needs access to your photos.

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