Mo Gulag Mo Problem in Warzone Battle Royale 2021 | Full Information

War Zone battle royale is one of the popular PC and console games and also the franchise of Call of duty. It is a multiplayer online game with immersive graphics and features and there’s no doubt the game has a huge fan base across the world. However, in the recent update, 1.34 developers have brought a new playlist Mo Gulag Mo problem into the game.

The new update of War zone Battle Royale has become the center of focus as most users are asking about the new playlist on the game. Apart from this, they have brought lots of new updates as well. But, while talking about this new Mo Gulag Mo problem the developer hasn’t made anything clear about the mode.

Basically, Mo gulag means more problems so we could expect that the playlist might be a lot more difficult than the existing playlist. There are lots of things to discuss this new model in the game. Here we are going to discuss all the major updates regarding the game and what’s the catch with this new playlist Mo Gulag Mo problem mode.

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Mo Gulag Mo problem

It is a new playlist created by the developer of Warzone. However, the playlist was on the game since April 2020. At first time, everyone thought it was a glitch in the game but after the recent update, the playlist was made available to every user.

In this new mode, players can play solo, duo, trios, and quad groups along with friends, family, and random players. The new thing about the mode is that there is unlimited gulag in the game. It means, when a player gets killed in the game they will be sent to the gulag. Here, they need to fight with other players and if they win here. They will be sent into their original game or battlefield along with their friends or random teammates.

Now you might be wondering what is Gulag. Gulag is a special type of place where players need to fight with other killed teammates in order to get back into the original battlefield. In short, it is basically a prison-type square room where you need to fight with other eliminated teammates.

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How Long Will it Last?

There is no fixed date mentioned in the game till when the mode will be removed from the game. The playlist was first introduced in April 2020 at that time no one has accessed to this playlist. But, after the recent update, the game was made available to every user. We can expect that the playlist might be available in the game for the upcoming 3 or 4 months.

What’s The New Update?

The new update has come up with massive changes and features apart from Mo Gulag Mo Problem. One of the major updates of the Warzone battleground is the firing mechanism on each weapon. Yes, it was one of the highly requested features on the game now they have officially launched this feature onto the game.

After this, it will make it much easier for the player to see whether the weapon is fully automatic or semi-automatic. Similarly, they have also brought Warzone’s Original Gulag after the lots of complaints regarding the fire rate.

Here is another good update for the user who was used to Modern warfare or black ops cold war player. The developer has redesigned loot cards for every weapon which will help players to see either the weapon is burst automatic or single fire.

Invisible skin is something that has shocked most of the gamers after the update. This new skin is much bigger which will help players to camouflage from the surrounding. You can get this bundle from Eloko bundle. Apart from this, there are various things that you will get along with the bundle.


I hope that after reading this article you have understands what exactly the Mo Gulag Mo problem playlist is on the game. Earlier it was not available for the player but after the recent update, it was made available to every user. Here you can play solo, duo, trio, and even quad with friends and random people. The playlist will be there for a short period of time it is not permanent in the game after some months.

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