Best and Genuine Ways to fix Google Maps lag in 2021?

Hundreds of people are facing Google maps lag problems in their devices. This makes the working of Google maps more complicated and also affects the operating system of the device. After examining plenty of questions regarding Google Maps Lag? And Why is google maps slow on my computer? We got the solution and in this article, we’re going to discuss some most easy-to-do steps that you can easily do and prevent the Google Maps Lag problem from your device. So, without wasting any time let’s get started.

Best and Genuine ways to Fix Google Maps Lag in 2021?

There are plenty of reasons by which the Google maps can lag in your device by covering plenty of reasons we had plenty of solutions and in this discussion, we’re going to discuss the best ways by which you can easily fix the Google maps problem.

Enabling the Location

Sometimes it happens that the accuracy of phone location is low this generates more difficulty to the Google maps to find the exact location of the phone. When the location signal is weak then it may cause that your Google maps start lagging. So, to solve this problem. You can enable your Location accuracy so that Google maps will easily get your exact location. Follow the steps to know how you can easily do it.

  • Unlock your phone and once the phone gets unlocked open your application menu and visit settings.
  • Scroll down in the menu and find the option of location.
  • In the location, the page taps the option of Advanced. Now, find the option of Google accuracy location.
  • Now, tap on the Toggle and enable it.

Hence your Google location accuracy will get enhanced. And the lag problem in Google maps will get solved.

Turn off the wifi

Sometimes it happens that if your Wi-fi is on then the Google map will generate difficulty to load the map of different locations. So, you should check that whether your wi-fi is on or not. If Wi-fi is on then it may possible that your Google map lag due to the reason of wi-fi. Now, let’s discuss how easily you can turn off your wi-fi.

  • Firstly, unlock your phone and open the menu. Find the option of settings of making a tap on it.
  • Once the setting will get opened then you have to find the option of wi-fi and click on it.
  • Once you click on it then your wi-fi is open. You just have to tap on the toggle to turn off the wi-fi.
  • You can also turn off the wi-fi directly from the quick menu.

Checking the internet connection

Sometimes Google maps lag because of bad internet speed. So, it may possible that your Google maps are lagging due to low internet speed. Well, if you’re in an area where internet speed is low then you can configure anything but if it is generated as a technical problem then you can turn off the internet connection and again Turn-on the connection.

If it didn’t work you can place your phone in “Flight-mode” and again back to normal condition.

This will solve the problem of Lag in Your Google maps.

Clear Cache and Data

If you’re using Google maps for a very long time then it may be possible that the Google Maps application will feed a large amount of Data and Cache. This can also be the reason for the Google map lag problem.

  • Firstly, you have to open your phone and reach the settings option.
  • Now, find the option of Apps & notification.
  • Find the Google maps in the menu and click on it.
  • All the data of Google maps will start showing on your screen.
  • So, clear the cache and data and proceed to next.

Come back to your normal screen and open the Google Maps application. Hence, you can see that the lag problem in Google maps is get stopped.

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So, here we discuss some of the top ways which help you to solve the problem of Google maps. Well, it is not a huge problem so you can easily get the solution to this problem with the help of the above ways.


Why does Google Maps not showing a blue line?

It happens basically due to cache in your apps just try clearing them all and everything would be fine.

Why does Google say I am offline?

Recheck that your data is well connected and if it is then it may be a server issue that would get resolved in some time.

Is there something wrong with Google Maps?

No, Google maps are working totally fine but yes if you haven’t still updated your application then you may face some problems.

Why is my Google Map lagging?

It may be due to the cache in your apps or it could also be because of your device issues.

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